Upon listening to Ted’s lecture online this week, I admittedly had to give Internet of Things a quick Google to work out what the hell IoT was. And I’m not going to lie, I still don’t know if I’ve fully grasped it. Kevin Ashton proposes the idea of the Internet of Things in describing the […]

I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m a diehard android fan. Yeap! That’s nothing new right? Most people are no? no? surely! . .. … …. Oh. Yeah. And I’m a huge Apple fan…. Woops! …. … .. . Yeap, there I’ve said it. I’m both a fan of Android and Apple. […]

I think it’s important to stress I’m one of those people who strongly believes that Twitter and Social Media played an integral role within the Egyptian Revolution. Having said this though, it only played a role for the organisation and dissemination of information. That’s it. #simple. With Egypt being the most popular hash tag in […]

This week’s article was a feature on none other than Australian and founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange. For the millions of people that have an understanding of Julian, there remain two very opposing views of him. On one side of the fence, people in the world think Julian stands for all that should be stopped: […]

This week’s article by Steven Johnson is a discussion into the way Twitter has and will continue to change the way humans live. Twitter is the 140-character service that allows its users to share short, instant bursts of information to other followers, in a system that is effectively designed for viral distribution (Lasorsa, Lewis, Holton […]

Oxygen is more vital to human life than gold, but because air is abundant, oxygen is free. Weblogs make writings abundant as air, with the same effect on price. Prior to the web, people paid for most of the words they read. Now, for a large and growing number of us, most of the words […]

So I’ve decided to do something different this week: less in depth thought and discussion, and more of a relaxed approach (most definitely has something to do with the bundle of assignments slowly growing to the right of me). This week’s readings centre on the ideas of convergence to which we have explored so much […]